Architectural Expression Systems and Iranian Architecture
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As a cultural event and a product of humans ,biological process, architecture indicates subjective ideas and thoughts which are realized in a practical, physical and tangible framework. Also it can be said that architecture is a subjective phenomenon which means that it originates from mind and thought and it is not the representation of a specified or past event; that is why it has an abstract and incorporeal nature and its roots and the themes of its formation are in the mind of the creator of the work. On the other hand, it is an objective phenomenon which means that architectural products should be livable, tangible and objective in order for them to be responsive to humans’ physical existence.
Ultimately, the architectural product results from a passage from this subjective environment to the physical environment. The process of changing the mind and thought into a physical product requires methods and systems that can accomplish such a render. The quality of this render should be in a way that the ideas and thoughts of the architect can be identified, reviewed, produced and recognized.
In the trend of the architecture history, in order to implement the construction components, the architecture had always been in need of a system that can provide the planning and monitoring of the two dimensions of mental – hypotheses, purposes and interests – and of physical – components, elements and structural form. This system (called nezam in Persian) of architecture should provide the ability to regularize together the two aspects of mental and physical in a way that the architect desires. Although the methods of architectural construction have changed in the historical passage, an architectural system has always been and is necessary. The architectural system can be considered as an instrument by which the architect can take the main steps towards creating his intended work, without any ambiguity and with full knowledge of his subject.
The decisive and essential issue in the expression systems is that the ability and capability of each architectural system – in the two dimensions of visual and instrumental – is in the presentation and representation of quantitative and qualitative areas. Although these capabilities develop over time and reach to their climax, they often encompass a limited scope, do not exceed their boundary, and provide a framework that while being used, the user does not usually go beyond a specified area and therefore, the system’s abilities limit the architect’s abilities to its own capabilities. The purpose of the architectural system is to regularize the architectural elements and components in two dimensions of subjective and objective. The order that is used in the architectural system is a method that can organize a set of events, things, and the relationship between them. The architectural system provides a context for the interaction of architectural components. The interaction between the components of each thing [system] establishes a type or degree of continuity; some ways for gathering together, relating or leaving the distinction (otherness) in a situation which still has continuity with something analogous or even with a difference which may lead to contradiction.
The approach which is focused on in an architectural system is how the architecture is changed into the components of this system and its expressible features and how the relation between these components and architectural system is established. Relation is firstly for recognizing the specifications of elements that are recognized through this method, which do or do not belong to a family of elements, and is secondly for determining the distance between elements – a distance which is abstract, conceptual, mathematical, semantic or physical. Another essential factor in architectural system is to pay attention to measurement and attempt to have tangible measurements for components which form architecture. Measurement in architectural system is more indicated by measurement systems, geometry, scale, number and proportions.

Keywords: Systems , Architecture , Expression , Process

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