Dome on Squinches (The Persian Structural Solution for Architecture)
Elham Saligheh & Nasibeh Badri BenamFull Text | PDF File

Innovation in structural technology is one of the valuable works of ancient Persian architects. There is no structural separation of architectural elements in the Persian architecture. Domes are of the important elements in Persian architecture and were usually built over important spaces or in special buildings. The Three dimensional form distinguishes it from the city context and makes it a landmark in the landscape and silhouette of the city. Persian master builders had introduced an architectural innovation which had an imperishable effect on dome architecture in the Middle East and Central Asia: surmounting a dome on squinches. The present paper presents an overview of the squinch element and the construction process of vaults and domes which are built on squinches. The paper also introduces some Persian buildings with this dome structure.

Keywords: Dome, Vault, Squinche, Persian architecture, Sassanid Era

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